ZOLA Electric

ZOLA – designed in California and born in Africa with a dream to make reliable power available to anyone, anywhere. Born out of an idea at Oxford University in 2012 to provide power to the billions of people with no or limited access to the electric grid. Made possible by technological  innovations like efficient solar energy harvesting and storage, PayGo microfinance and mobile money. Born in Africa, where we learned what we needed to build the first off-grid solar systems that made clean energy accessible for all. Built to last by a high-tech, NASA-approved production facility in Malaysia.

Our passion for powering all of Africa and these breakthrough ideas soon attracted the attention of established investors and some of the world’s best cleantech talent. This amazing journey from concept design to scale has seen ZOLA expand our product and service offering to a number of developing countries and more than 1 million daily users in just four years. We’ve earned consumer trust because of our fundamental value of putting customers first continues to drive us forward.

ZOLA Electric is disrupting the power generation and distribution model. Our latest range of products brings to market the leading-edge of decentralized solar photovoltaic panel power generation and battery storage technology. For the first time in history, we can truly provide clean, affordable, reliable solar power and smart storage solutions to homes and businesses anywhere. 

We are a global company with offices in 10 countries across four continents.Our diverse workforce is our core strength, giving us a competitive advantage over other solutions. Together, we’re working towards a common goal – bringing power to the world to unlock human potential. As our company grows, our shared ZOLA values are the key guiding principles that unite us.

  • Our customers come first – We listen, respect and serve them.
  • Our people are the best – We value safety, respect and integrity. We build our future leaders at ZOLA.
  • Our product is the hero – Smartly designed and engineered power systems always exceed our customers’ expectations. We  always strive to delight our users.
  • Our performance is our legacy – We work to be a world-class company that delivers disruptive power technologies. We’re always aiming higher. 

These four values unify ZOLA with the spirit of Pamoja – a Swahili word reflecting our African roots that means together, we are One Team, One Dream.