A revolutionary
Plug & Play
Solar system


ZOLA FLEX is a plug-and-play, connected, solar and storage hybrid power system. Leveraging optimized design and ultra-efficient appliances, ZOLA FLEX can power the essentials of life 24 hours a day at a price anyone can afford.

Off Grid? ZOLA FLEX  Generates clean solar power from the included solar panels at no extra cost.

ZOLA FLEX Features

Designed in California, ZOLA FLEX does not compromise on quality despite its affordability. Every system includes a powerful lithium-ion battery that is tested to international safety and reliability standards and is designed to last for thousands of cycles.

Smart Value Investment

It generates clean solar power from day 1 at no extra cost, with its super silicon solar panels

Smart Design

It’s a wall mounted Plug and Play system, it is to designed to be independent of existing house wiring.

Smart Service

The ZOLA FLEX Powebox is GSM enabled allowing for remote service.

User Interface


ZOLA FLEX Meterbox

Flex Power Box with a Capacity of 260Wh Lithium-ion storage and user interface

Flex Power Box with a Capacity of 130Wh Lithium-ion storage and user interface



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