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Designed in California, INFINITY is the first lithium-ion battery-based hybrid power system explicitly designed for emerging markets that integrates pay-as-you-go financing. It is designed to be a primary power supply, not a backup. With INFINITY installed, the power grid becomes simply a secondary source of power. Electricity is primarily generated from solar energy. This free source powers loads directly or is stored in a battery for nighttime use.


Product Description

ZOLA INFINITY is an Integrated Power System (IPS) that incorporates solar electricity generation, energy storage, and power from the grid to deliver reliable 24-HOUR POWER anywhere at the lowest possible cost.

INFINITY delivers kilowatts of clean AC power, scalable to any customer demand. INFINITY seamlessly protects its users from voltage spikes and grid power cuts, always ensuring a safe and steady electricity supply delivered from a combination of solar panels, lithium-ion battery and the power grid.


INFINITY integrates solar power and energy storage with power from the grid and a generator. It is designed to ensure that your power is uninterrupted and does not disrupt your life.

INFINITY achieves this because it offers:

  • Multi-source power integration that ensures that power is always available
  • Instantaneous power transfer to ensure uninterrupted power
  • Usable solar power to minimize generator usage

INFINITY automatically monitors, manages, and communicates its own performance to make power solutions easier to manage. It manages itself so you don’t have to. 

With Smart Power, INFINITY offers:

  • Cost-optimized management to automatically minimize fuel and grid costs
  • Smartphone monitoring to track the system automated performance
  • Voltage protection to offer safe power

INFINITY can be configured and later upgraded for specific energy and power uses so that a customer receives what they need from their power solution. The customer receives the system that meets their specific needs.

Upgradable power comes with:

  • Customizable storage so power lasts through your grid outages
  • Customizable power so that you can power your appliances
  • Limitless expansion so that you can upgrade your power as your needs grow

INFINITY uses long-living technology backed by warranty and financing so that a customer can trust that they will receive promised value over the lifetime of the product. Customers have the most cost-effective power over the product lifetime.

Power for life comes with:

  • Long-life design back by a 5-year warranty and service agreement.
  • Pay-as-you-go enabled allowing the customer to have financing.
  • Lithium Batteries giving you a long-life product with fewer part replacements
Technical Specs

Power and Energy

  • Rated Voltage


  • Rated frequency


  • Number of Phases


  • Continuous POWER per Primary


  • Surge POWER per Primary


  • Continuous POWER per Xtra (Ix2)


  • Surge POWER per Xtra (Ix2)


  • Continuous POWER per Xtra (Ix4)


  • Surge POWER per Xtra (Ix4)


  • Rated power per panel


  • Rated energy per Primary Xtra


  • Solar photovoltaic panel

    Maximum rated DC Power: 325W

    MPPT voltage range: 27 to 45 V

Control and communications

  • Communications

    Cellular GSM

  • Variables metered

    • String voltage
    • State of charge per battery
    • Solar photovoltaic production
    • Battery temperature and state of health
    • Total load
    • Power consumed from the grid or backup generator
  • Anti-theft features

    • Parallel Power Units stop producing power if they lose connection with the controller in the primary enclosure, or if they are moved to a different system
    • Optical method to detect enclosure opening
    • Energy theft estimation algorithm embedded in firmware
  • Inter-operability

    • Automatic synchronisation and islanding of external AC sources such as the public electricity grid or backup generators
    • Ability to control power exchange and automatic handoff with remote sources
    • Automatically starts and stops backup generators
  • Safety

    • All user-accessible AC sockets and ports are grounded and protected by ground-fault interrupt devices
    • Redundant battery overcurrent and short-circuit protection
    • Thermal management system on each with INFINITY BOX


  • Mounting

    Leveled floor: Up to 3 units can be stacked vertically

  • Environmental

    Indoor: Side panels must remain unobstructed to allow for airflow

Typical Configuration

  •  The INFINITY Primary hosts all the user-accessible ports. With reference to Figure 1 characteristic of each of them are:

    • AC interface to a remote power system. Examples of these are the mainstream distribution network, a backup ICE and other Volta strings.
    • Output to AC loads. This port supplies one or more existing load circuits in the building.
    • Output to AC loads. The user can plug appliances or an appropriate power strip directly into this socket.

    In addition to the four user-accessible ports which only exist in the primary AC block, this is an expansion port designed to connect several AC blocks and AC solar photovoltaic panels in a string.

User Accessible Power Ports

  • The Primary hosts all the user-accessible ports:

    • Output to AC loads. This port supplies one or more existing load circuits in the building.
    • Output to AC loads. The user can plug appliances or an appropriate power strip directly into this socket.
    • Expansion port designed to connect several AC batteries and AC solar photovoltaic panels in a string.


  • H: 307.5mm

    D: 389mm

    L: 558mm


How does the INFINITY system differ from current solar home system configurations?

There are many ways in which the ZOLA INFINITY system differs from comparative emerging market solar home systems. The most important include: 

  • Complete solution offering a diversity of features and benefits not available in any other single product.
  • Your power is uninterrupted and does not disrupt your life.
  • Your power solutions automatically manages itself so you don’t have to.
  • Your power can grow with your changing needs
  • You have the most cost-effective power over the product’s lifetime, designed to be more than five years.

How does the INFINITY system convert solar generated DC current to AC?

Each solar panel is equipped with INFINITY box that acts as a current inverter while also maximizing the amount of power produced by the panel.

What is Parallel Power technology?

A Parallel POWER Units is a new micro-inverter technology that is in use on millions of PV panels around the world. An INFINITY system uses a PPU with every panel.

Can the INFINITY system be paired with other power sources?

Yes. INFINITY operates together with the grid without needing a transfer switch. This means that when the grid power fails there’s no interruption in electricity supply.

How does the INFINITY system regulate power from different sources?

INFINITY mimics the operation of large modern grids, where hundreds of generators are coordinated with a combination of local and supervisory controls. Each INFINITY box responds to local frequency and voltage measurements from the primary battery. The primary battery also has the ability to control how much power flows to and from external power sources.

How does the INFINITY system deal with voltage fluctuations and power surges?

When the disturbances in the grid’s voltage are small, the INFINITY box can compensate for them by injecting power during dips and consuming power during surges.

When power quality cannot be controlled by the INFINITY box because of larger grid disturbances, INFINITY operates in standalone mode until the grid becomes stable again.

How does the INFINITY system interact with other power generation sources, such as power from the grid or power from generators?

The embedded computer decides how to serve the load and whether to charge the battery based on economics. For example, if the grid fails and a backup generator is available, it will only use it when the energy from the system’s PV panels is not enough to serve the load.

During normal grid operation, INFINITY takes into account the amount of charge in the battery, time of day, and past outage patterns to decide if it should charge from the grid in anticipation of a possible outage.

What capacity is the INFINITY system battery? How long will it last and what type of household energy use can it support?

In the standard configuration, each INFINITY box can hold 2.3 kWh of energy.

The capacity of the system, with several batteries and solar panels, is determined based on the appliances and each user’s expected level of service.