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ZOLA FLEX is a plug-and-play, connected, solar and storage hybrid power system. Leveraging optimized design and ultra-efficient appliances, ZOLA FLEX can power the essentials of life 24 hours a day at a price anyone can afford.

Designed in California, ZOLA FLEX does not compromise on quality despite its affordability. Every system includes a powerful lithium-ion battery that is tested to international safety and reliability standards and is designed to last for thousands of cycles.

Off Grid? ZOLA FLEX Brings Power Anywhere

  • Generates clean solar power from the included solar panels at no extra cost.
  • Has long-lasting lithium-ion batteries with a five-year warranty.
  • Includes bright lights and high-quality, efficient appliances that ensure the longest runtimes.

Dealing with Power Cuts? ZOLA FLEX POWER 1 Powers Your Essentials

  • Clean power generation that produces no noise or fumes – unlike diesel generators.
  • Battery automatically recharges through solar photovoltaic panel generation or whenever the grid comes back online.
  • Immediately saves money over generator operating costs.
Product Description

ZOLA FLEX is a complete power solution for customers without an electrical grid connection:

  • ZOLA FLEX generates clean solar power at no extra cost with its premium silicon solar panels.
  • ZOLA FLEX comes with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries that are covered by a five-year warranty.
  • ZOLA FLEX includes high-quality, efficient appliances that ensure the longest runtimes.


ZOLA FLEX POWER is a cost-effective investment for customers enduring regular power cuts:

  • ZOLA FLEX POWER provides clean electricity generation that produces no noise or fumes – unlike diesel generators.
  • ZOLA FLEX POWER automatically recharges through solar photovoltaic power generation or whenever the grid comes back online.
  • Customers can purchase ZOLA FLEX POWER together with ZOLA appliances that are extremely energy-efficient, ensuring longer runtimes.
  • Monthly payments are lower than generator operating costs and allow customers to buy the system outright over time from those savings.

ZOLA FLEX is a plug-and-play 12 Volt DC solar power generation and storage system coupled with a family of highly efficient DC appliances and lights. In some configurations, it also includes a 60 watt inverter for low-power AC appliances like laptops and a wall charger to draw electricity from the grid. It can be installed by the customer in as little as one hour, and does not require electrical wiring or other additional costs.

All ZOLA FLEX systems also include solar photovoltaic panels that charge the system with renewable, clean and free solar energy.

Additional ZOLA Accessories and Appliances:

  • ZOLA LED Lights – Long-lasting LED tube and bulb lights. Additional lights can be added when desired.
  • FLEX USB Phone Charger – multi-head phone and electronics charging cable.
  • ZOLA Fan – ZOLA-designed, energy-efficient appliance.
  • ZOLA Boombox – ZOLA-designed, energy-efficient appliance.
  • ZOLA TVs – 19”, 24” or 32” ZOLA energy-efficient TVs.
  • ZOLA Inverter – powers up to 60 Watt AC appliances.
  • FLEX Grid Charger – enables FLEX Power Box to be charged by any energy source, including the electric grid or generators.
  • FLEX Splitter – chooses solar power when available but allows for nearly instantaneous grid or generator charging.
Technical Specs

Power and Energy

  • Battery Voltage

    12.8 V

  • Battery Capacity

    FLEX: 90W

    FLEX Plus: 180 Wh

  • Solar Panel

    Flex: 40W

    Flex Plus: 80W

  • USB ports


  • LED bulb ports


  • LED Light Runtime

    FLEX 19”TV
    All night

    FLEX PLUS 24” TV
    All night

    FLEX PLUS 32” TV
    All night

  • Max LED bulbs


  • Control and Communication


    Communications Cellular GSM or code entry
    Device data recorded
    • Battery Voltage
    • State of charge per battery
    • Solar panel voltage & current
    • Battery charge
    • GSM signal strength
    • Temperature
    Anti-theft features
    • Metre box outputs will not provide power
    • Physical anti-tamper mechanisms
  • Average TV runtime

    FLEX 19”TV
    4-6 hours

    FLEX PLUS 24” TV
    10-12 hours

    FLEX PLUS 32” TV
    6-8 hours


What is ZOLA FLEX?

ZOLA FLEX is a Solar Home System – a closed system combining solar power, the latest Lithium Ion battery technology, and highly efficient appliances. Designed for usage in rural and peri-urban households in areas lacking grid electricity, it is a stand-alone energy ecosystem.


ZOLA FLEX POWER is a new configuration of ZOLA FLEX designed for users with access to a bad grid connection. It uses the same ZOLA FLEX foundation, but includes support for grid charging and AC appliances.

Is ZOLA FLEX the right solution for me?

ZOLA FLEX offers systems that fit the needs of both off-grid and weak-grid customers.

All of our ZOLA FLEX systems offer customers a clean energy alternative, using solar energy to power your home. Our systems come with high-quality, energy-efficient appliances designed to maximize runtime from a given charge.  Our systems enable you to sustain a comfortable lifestyle, powering essential appliances such as phones, fans, TV, and radio as well as lighting throughout your home All systems are also covered by our manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind should any problems arise

How does ZOLA FLEX enable me to save money?

ZOLA FLEX generates power from the sun, for free, and offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive existing solutions of diesel generators or kerosene lighting.

For customers with grid access, FLEX POWER systems can store power from the grid when it is available. This allows users to power their energy needs with ZOLA FLEX instead of generators when the lights go out, saving you money on expensive fuel costs.

Once you have paid off your ZOLA FLEX system, the system and all the power it generates becomes your “free power for life.”

Who makes ZOLA FLEX different?

ZOLA FLEX is manufactured by ZOLA Electric – an award-winning American Solar Power company that already serves over 1 million people in Africa.

Trusted by over 1 Million People in Africa

The founders of ZOLA Electric moved from Oxford University to Tanzania to understand why solar was not being used to generate power in Africa, despite the poor reach of grid power. They have been solving this problem – unavailability of grid power –  one step at a time, developing power solutions that meet the specific everyday needs in Africa. The company initially expanded into Rwanda, Ivory Coast, and Ghana and is now in Nigeria. ZOLA Electric, therefore, provides power solutions for over 1 million in Africa today.

ZOLA Electric has installed more than 200,000 solar home systems, serves more than 1,000,000 users each day and employs more than 1000 people in Africa. It is truly the No. 1 power solutions company in Africa!


What can I do with ZOLA FLEX?

ZOLA FLEX comes in two sizes. The ZOLA FLEX is a smaller battery system supplied with a 40W panel sized to power up to a maximum of 32 LED lights, charge a ZOLA radio and customer phones, and even a 19” TV. The ZOLA FLEX Plus is a larger battery system supplied with a 80W panel that provides the same utility, but now including up to a 32” TV and a standing fan.

What makes ZOLA FLEX different from other solar home systems?

We believe that our hardware is the best product in the market. Starting with an official installation from a ZOLA Service Agent to ensure quality, a beautiful wall mounted aesthetic the customer can be proud of, and our high-quality appliances – ZOLA customers are guaranteed the best user experience.

What is included in ZOLA’s 5 year service offering?

Our 5-year service offering includes a number of services to ensure peace of mind:

  • Free 24/7 call center for customer care
  • Free system delivery and in-home installation
  • Free access to all ZOLA Service Centers
  • 5-Year Warranty covering all repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects for the core system (FLEX Power Box, FLEX Solar Panel and ZOLA Lights)
  • 1-Year Warranty covering all repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects for non-core system components

What is the performance of ZOLA FLEX?

Our systems enable customers to enjoy lighting all night long, however, customers should be sure to monitor energy usage of other devices to ensure this capability. To help customers manage energy usage and security, bulbs have an automatic dim mode in the event of low battery capacity.  The run time of individual ZOLA appliance varies, however, our TVs are designed and sized to provide an entire evening’s entertainment.

How do I buy a ZOLA FLEX system?

In our operating countries – Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Rwanda — customers are either met in the field and managed remotely or can go to a Customer Centre to process a sale. Installation occurs after customers have either purchased the full system (“buy now”) or paying a small upfront deposit as part of a financing program, in which they will pay off the remainder of the system in small increments over time. Please contact your local Zola operations for more information on how to purchase a system in your home country.

What happens if a customer misses a payment?

If a customer falls behind on their payment plan, ZOLA is there to help. Our Customer Care teams engage and work to help the customer back onto plan. However, if payment defaults persist, the device will be remotely disengaged. The customer will need to top up again to re-activate the device.

Can I use my own devices and appliances with ZOLA FLEX?

Customers use ZOLA FLEX to charge their mobile phones daily, and the TV is designed to support existing decoder boxes. The ZOLA FLEX POWER product range allows customers to power their own low-power devices like laptops, TVs, fans, tablets, wifi routers with the ZOLA INVERTER.

While ZOLA FLEX systems have the functionality to support other appliances, please note that our systems perform best when used alongside highly efficient ZOLA appliances. We cannot guarantee the energy efficiency or runtime of appliances that do not come directly from ZOLA.

Can I charge ZOLA from the electric grid?

Most customers find the included solar panel to be a better and free source of power than other alternatives, including their local grid. For those who do need to charge from the electric grid, a grid wall charger is available in our Customer Centers. The ZOLA FLEX POWER series includes a ZOLA Grid Charger for this purpose. Existing ZOLA FLEX customers can still use this appliance and it is available in Customer Centres.

How do I refer a friend or family member to ZOLA?

Get in touch with ZOLA’s call center to learn more about our referral programs.

What is the future for ZOLA Flex?

ZOLA will continue to innovate. We continue to invest in developing our power technology and global appliance innovation and, over time, we expect to add more exciting offerings to the ZOLA FLEX product range.