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ZOLA Electric Nigeria is set to launch a revolutionary new power solution, ZOLA INFINITY Integrated Power System, to deliver clean 24-Hour Power, ANYWHERE!

From N48,063.40 every month for 3 years, you can own an INFINITY and start enjoying 24 Hour Power, Anywhere.


  1. We will provide Free Power Audit to help you better understand your power requirements
  2. You will get instant access to clean 24 Hour Power for your home or business
  3. We will give you a 5-year WARRANTY (terms and conditions apply)
  4. You will be among the first owners of the ZOLA INFINITY Integrated Power System in Africa
  5. You will have automatic membership to ZOLA INFINITY REFERRAL CLUB with amazing rewards!

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Terms and Conditions

  • Form submission is an acceptance and acknowledgment of the terms and conditions.
  • We will refund money back to you 30 days after you make your commitment, if you communicate in writing your desire to opt out of this limited offer.
  • You understand that this is a limited edition offer and exempt or waive any claim against us for product not meeting your expectations or operating contrary to expectations.
  • You understand that we will not be responsible for any damage, injury to yourself, your property or anyone within your premises as a result of improper, unauthorized usage of the product.
  • You will communicate any loss, damage, theft of the product within 12 hours of the occurrence.
  • You will communicate any changes, problems or malfunctioning of the system within 12 hours; and you will allow our technical team or its representatives on to your premises to inspect the system. If you doubt the authenticity of any technician, do not hesitate to contact us through customer hotline.