We are a company focused on unleashing human potential.

Our vision is to provide a solution to energy insecurity anywhere in the world. We’re tackling this problem by engineering clean, affordable power generation and storage systems that provide customers with reliable electricity no matter if they live in the city or countryside, or if they have a grid connection or not.

Whether it’s a pharmacist in Nairobi who needs to keep medication refrigerated or a family in a remote part of Indonesia adding lights to help their children study after dark, our technologies will create new possibilities in education, sanitation, entertainment and business.

Zola is a global effort.

Born out of an idea at Oxford University in 2012 to provide power to the billions of people with no or limited access to the electric grid. Made possible by technological  innovations like efficient solar energy harvesting and storage, PayGo microfinance and mobile money. Tested and improved across Africa, where we learned what we needed to build the first off-grid solar systems that made clean energy accessible for all.d Designed in California.  Built to last by a high-tech, NASA-approved production facility in Malaysia.

We are on a mission to deliver clean, affordable, reliable electricity anywhere.

Our breakthrough ideas to power and empower billions of potential customers in developing countries  caught the attention of industry leaders like TESLA, EDF Energy and HELIOS Investments The world’s best cleantech talent then started coming onboard. Together with our ever-expanding base of customers, we’re now scaling up operations to achieve our vision.

In just four years, ZOLA Electric is now working in five countries. More than 1 million daily users have gained access to uninterrupted power, whether they live in a city or in the countryside. We are expanding our offering to rural and urban markets in rapidly developing countries around the world.

Our fundamental value of putting our customers first continues to drive us forward.

ZOLA Electric is disrupting the standard centralized generation and distribution model with our decentralized power systems. Our latest range of products brings to market the leading-edge of solar and battery storage technology.

For the first time in history, we can truly provide clean, affordable, reliable solar power and smart storage solutions to homes and businesses across Africa.

Our dream is to make life better for millions around the world by erasing energy access problems. Join us on this journey.

After graduating from the University of Oxford’s MBA program together, Erica Mackey, Joshua Pierce and Xavier Helgesen co-found ZOLA Electric. Their goal: tackle humanity’s global energy access problem with innovative, thoughtful and sustainable technologies.


ZOLA’s co-founders move to live and work in Tanzania to develop a practical understanding of the African energy landscape. They apply these learnings to develop a power supply product that meets the specific needs of Africans.


Financial technology innovations such as “Pay As You Go” financing and mobile money, combined with the falling costs of solar photovoltaic panels and lithium-ion batteries, open the possibility of a cutting-edge solution for energy insecurity. Together, they make distributed renewable energy systems affordable and accessible for many Africans.


ZOLA’s efforts to bridge the energy access gap and supercharge rural and urban development generate interest from major investors like Tesla, General Electric, EDF Energy, DBL Ventures, Helios Investment Partners, Omidyar Network, Total, FMO entrepreneurial development bank, ResponsAbility, SunFunder and the U.S.Agency for International Development.


ZOLA FLEX launches as a landmark product in the power industry. It is the first plug-and-play, pre-paid solar system to use li-ion batteries and be capable of energizing TVs, appliances, lighting and device charging in homes and businesses


ZOLA expands operations across five countries in East and West Africa.


A new chapter begins for ZOLA's efforts to give anyone anywhere access to reliable electricity. The company undertakes an ambitious expansion into Nigeria. The endeavor is specifically designed to address energy reliability challenges in urban areas. In particular, Zola targets customers connected to the grid who receive intermittent power from it. Typically, these people supplement grid power with dirty, dangerous and unhealthy diesel generators.


ZOLA’s products energize more than 1 million daily users. The company launches the INFINITY Integrated Power System - the next generation of clean energy distribution that harnesses an efficient solar photovoltaic generator and smart power storage system.


ZOLA delivers clean, affordable, reliable 24-hour power for anyone, anywhere.


Awards and Recognition

UNFCCC Momentum for Change Award
Zayed Future Energy Prize
Global Cleantech 100

ZOLA's Leadership Team

Bill is an accomplished senior executive with a strong track record of improving companies and building enterprise value. He has a depth of experience across industries (technology, consumer, industrial, services) and functional areas. Prior to Off Grid Electric, Bill held roles at Switch Lighting,…

Bill Lenihan

President & CFO
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ZOLA Electric Board of Directors

Nancy Pfund is Founder and Managing Partner of DBL Partners (formerly Investors), a venture capital firm whose goal is to combine top-tier financial returns with meaningful social, economic and environmental returns in the regions and sectors in which it invests. Ms. Pfund currently sponsors or sits…

Nancy Pfund

OGEC & DBL Partners Founder
Tope Lawani, a Nigerian national, is a co-founder and Managing Partner of Helios Investment Partners (“Helios”) and has more than 20 years of principal investment experience. Helios is an Africa-focused private investment firm operating a family of funds, and their related co-investment entities, ag…

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Helios Investment Managing Partner
Lyndon Rive is the co-founder of SolarCity now Tesla Energy.

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Co-Founder Solar City, now Tesla Energy
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CEO and Co-founder
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ZOLA Electric provide reliable power for more than 1,000,000 customers and businesses across Nigeria, Tanzania, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, and Ghana. Our partners include Tesla, Vulcan Capital, DBL Partners, Helios Investment Partners, EDF, Total, and GE Ventures.

DBL Partners
DBL Partners